This year we are delighted to welcome back

Clive Carroll

clive carroll

5th - 11th August 2012 Acoustic folk

Clive was described by acoustic guitar magazine as ‘probably the best and most original young acoustic guitar player and composer in Britain.
Born into a family of musicians in 1975, Clive has been immersed in a diverse range of music ever since. His Father made him his first banjo in 1977 and a few years later he was playing in the family band. At 9 Clive started playing the guitar and a few years later joined a ‘soul group’ and several orchestras.
In 1998, he gained a 1st class Honours degree from Trinity College , London and whilst there he was awarded a Prize to record Rodrigo’s ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’
With the Trinity Orchestra, the John Halford prize for composition (1994), Gladys Puttock memeorial proze for Exemporisation (’94, ’98), Ivor Mairants Guitar award (1997), Montagu Cleeve Prize for Guitar (1998) and Essex Young musician of the Year (1998)

One night in 1998, Clive was given the opportunity to play a local show alongside British guitar hero John Renbourn. That night Renbourn encouraged him  to record a solo album, and finally in 1999 after opening up for world class Guitar/Harp duo Chris Newman and Marie Ni Chathasaigh  (who also happen to own ‘Old Bridge Music’ record company) Clive was given his first record deal. The result was ‘Sixth Sense’ (2000) and it has been described ‘a milestone in the journey of the steel string guitar’. Over the next two years John Renbourn to Clive on tour to the USA and Europe




Paul Hill

Residential Photography workshop

12th- 18th August 2012

paul hillWe are delighted to announce a photographic residential workshop with Paul Hill MBE at Cubertou, 12th-18th August 2012. Paul will be running this workshop with his partner Maria Falconer FRPS.  Paul’s workshop is designed to inform and challenge dedicated amateurs and professionals alike, within a supportive and dedicated environment.
The theme of this workshop as Paul has outlined to me is CHALLENGE YOURSELF!