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Ben Edwards
Workshop Director

A former printmaker and painter, and now professional film maker/photographer and part time senior lecturer on the MA in photojournalism at the University of Westminster, London, and a dedicated amateur classical guitar player. Ben with Jane will be managing the running of the music workshops at Cubertou . Ben has known Cubertou and the area intimately for the past 30 years having attended workshops and taught printmaking at Cubertou with his mentor Peter Norton, the painter who founded Cubertou in 1964.


Jane Orr

map 1Is a full time art teacher and a dedicated amateur singer very experienced musician of 35 years experience playing, singing and researching ancient and folk music who has recently joined the prestigious North Finchley Choral society, singing a repertoire, from early folk to 20th century choral pieces. Jane will be on hand to advise on singing if required



As a group, actively involved in music, we aim to provide a nurturing environment in which each player is encouraged to immerse him or herself in the experience of the teacher’s daily workshops. Each student will progress at their own pace, the teacher actively supporting students of all levels in their musical practice.
It is recommended that students are familiar with all the major and minor chords in the first position, and have some understanding of harmony and improvisation.